Schmieding Developmental Center

About Schmieding Developmental Center

The Schmieding Developmental Center provides early detection and treatment of developmental delays or disabilities in children as well as for the child with problems in school performance. You reach the center by calling 479-750-0125.

Our services include:

  • Assessments in specialty areas such as: failure-to-thrive, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, speech and language, school performance, autism, mental retardation and cognitive development.
  • Technical assistance to agencies and schools regarding programming for children evaluated by the Schmieding Developmental Center.
  • Any child in Northwest Arkansas who is 18 or younger and is experiencing developmental, learning or social, emotional problems not believed to be largely related to environmental factors are welcome at the Developmental Center.

Schmieding Developmental Center Packets

Please click on one of the icons below to print your Schmieding Developmental Center Packet. If your child has not been seen at the Schmieding Developmental Center please print the SDC New Patient Packet. If you child has been seen at the Schmieding Developmental Center before please print the Re-Evaluation Packet.

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